It’s time to step up your bubble bath game with our innovative Sparkly Bubble Nuggets! Sprinkle your glittery nugs under running water to transform your bath into a boujee foamy heaven! 
A bubble bath that finally has it all! 

✅Detoxifies the skin & soothes aching muscles
✅Leaves a colourful fun bath!
✅Creates magical sparkly water…
✅AND smells divine!
💯The ultimate self care treat that you deserve Bae! 

Our top selling scent of all time! The Bae’s sure love this one! Slurp up the syrupy sweetness that’ll fizz away your troubles with an icy slush scent just like at the movie theatres! A tantalising tangy blue raspberry and sweet cherry scent with juicy undertones of strawberry. 

Sprinkle your desired amount under running water. Swish the water a little to activate the bubbles, stand back and watch your nuggets dissolve to leave foamy bubbles and sparkly fun coloured waters! If you have low water pressure, help the bubbles along by swishing the water more. Step in and unwind Bae, this time is for you! This pouch will last approximately 2-6 baths. 600g pouch.

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